Wednesday, 20 April 2016

More Tips on Autumn House Cleaning and Gardening Activities

Falling autumn leaves can create havoc in your home drainage system. Autumn water blocks and related issues can be solved if you take gutter cleaning seriously- timely inspection of gutters and roof is important, need not to spend much time for this. If the gutters and drains are blocked, and roofs show signs of wear and tear, it can cause water to seep into your house foundation, wall cavities etc., affecting the security of the concrete structure. Installing gutter guards is highly recommended.

Check your fireplace thoroughly and get it cleaned and repaired by experts to prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. This can happen with wood-burning fireplace.

Rearrange your furniture and bookshelves etc. to allow or restrict more air into your home by blocking or freeing windows and air passages as per the outside temperature. While re-ordering, take some time to dust out the furniture and bookshelves.

Autumn Window Cleaning
Here is a nice DIY window cleaning method. Use a bucket half filled with water. Pour a cup of methylated spirits into the bucket and stir well. Take some of this mixture into a spray bottle and spray on windows while wiping with a squeegee. Once cleaned, polish the windows with a paper towel. Using newspapers for cleaning is not advisable as the printing ink has a latex base which may make smear marks on the window glass.

Shape Up and Organise Your Wardrobe
An autumn clean is exactly the right time to organise your wardrobe, all the way streamlining your huge clothing storage. Remove less used garments. Think of charity or some garage sale or Kidspot Market to dispose of staunchly unworn clothing that belongs to you, the children or other members of the family. Do the same process to your linen cupboard also. Keep the most used items on shelves at eye-level for easy pick up, and move the rest to higher shelves.

Put Your Bathroom Cabinet in Order
De-clutter the cabinet- check out the cosmetics, soap, oil etc. and remove those items which are untouched for long.  If you call professional bathroom cleaners on a regular basis then there won’t be much to do for autumn cleaning too! Otherwise it could be a Herculean task ahead.

Make Your Kitchen Neat and Tidy
Have the kitchen cleaned out and the cupboards washed inside out for autumn by a home cleaning company. The refrigerator, ovens, dishwasher etc. also should get some professional cleaning by skilled technicians.  

Gardening and Outdoor Cleaning Tips
Autumn is the best time to keep your outdoor area well maintained!
Before winter peeps in, it’s necessary to do a few seasonal extras to your cleaning list to prepare your home exterior for the winter. Drain and store garden hoses, lest they get spoiled in winter. Give a close look to the painting and do the touch up wherever required. Drain the pool and close it up after seeking advice from experts.

Clean all outdoor furniture and garage, in addition to drains and gutter cleaning. And have a closer look into the garden! If you grow lot of vegetables, clean up is required in Autumn. Remove all piled up green waste and garden rubbish, and replant the winter crops after cleaning tubs and planters and refreshing and conditioning the soil. Grow new plants from stem cutting as Autumn is the best time for tip cuttings from your favourite shrubs.

Trim the hedges, shrubs and wall-trained bushes to shape. Cut off dead branches of trees in order to avoid them falling during a winter storm and causing damage.

Spray the weed killers on your lawn. Use a garden fork to aerate the lawn and sprinkle some lime over it to sweeten the soil. Give suitable autumn feeding in tired lawns so as to prepare them for the winter months.

Call Only Well Known House Cleaners

We are daily watching many media reports about unlicensed home cleaners with poor workmanship and unscrupulous behaviour. You can avoid this experience by depending only on reputed cleaning companies. Also search the internet for reliable home cleaners in your locality and visit their websites to read testimonials and also to have a feel of their work culture and quality.

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