Thursday, 28 April 2016

Home Cleaning and Maintenance Diary for Every Household- Tips, FAQs and More!

Keeping your house well maintained can be related to the servicing of your car- if not done at regular intervals, you’ll have to face costly repairs in both cases!

If possible, keep a house maintenance calendar at home where you can write down easy maintenance works for scheduled tasks such as weekly, monthly, and quarterly cleaning. Another option is to call a house cleaning service provider for professionally doing such scheduled tasks.

Three Things to Remember for Proper Home Maintenance:
  • Test the functioning of your water heater’s temperature and pressure relief valve once in a while. This can minimise the chance of a leak caused by mineral and corrosion build up in the water heater.  This way the water heater will run more efficiently, decreasing your energy bills.
  • One point people often forget is about changing the batteries in smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. This can cost you dearly in case of an accident. So replace the batteries every six months and make a note of it in your home maintenance diary.
  • Another important point to remember is to vacuum your refrigerator coils if you’re using the older versions. Only a good refrigerator mechanic will tell you this because many are unaware of the fact that dusty coils will not radiate heat easily and thus the machine will use more electricity to cool your stuff.

FAQs on Home Cleaning, and Replies by Select Cleaning Professionals

Here are a few frequently asked questions by clients and our answers... If some of your questions haven't been covered here, send us an email, or call us to get your doubts cleared. 

How can I get a quote or book for a home cleaning service?
You can get your free quote by calling us on 0800 000 907 or by simply submitting a form on our website with relevant details for a no-obligation free quote. We’ll revert back the same day. We guarantee a spick-and-span kitchen, living room or bath area after our professional house cleaning service.

Do you clean in my area?
We provide house cleaning services in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington & Christchurch, New Zealand.
If you live outside of the above places and still would like to get Select Cleaning standards, we may still be able to help you directly or can get the work done by some reputable house cleaning services in your local area.

Should I provide cleaning equipments and products to my cleaner?
You need not to- we are a well established home cleaning company in New Zealand and have all the state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and quality products.

What services do you offer and what not?
At Select Cleaning, we do normal regular inside cleaning of homes.  We also do spring cleaning and moving cleans but do not do steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, ceiling cleaning, and window cleaning.  Those cleaning works they don’t do, they can arrange to have them done for you.
Are your home cleaners pet-friendly?
Yes of course. Our cleaning professionals are pet friendly as they have been given adequate training on how to treat dogs, cats and other pets in your home. We give the care, love and respect your pets need. However, if any of your pet is aggressive and may obstruct the cleaner’s work, please inform us in advance and ensure that the pet is well secured and kept away from the cleaning area.

Suppose if there is additional job other than specified, would you do it?
Sure, we can help. Please inform us the requirement and we’ll give you an extra quote for it and the cleaner will do the needful.

Do I need to be at home while you clean? Can I trust the cleaner you send?
You need not to be available in the cleaning location. You may go out for a walk or go for a weekend picnic while our responsible cleaners manage the house cleaning task. It's thus your choice to stay around or not.  From our side we can give guarantee that our expert home cleaners are security checked and police verified and so there won’t be any security or safety issues.

Do you have any guarantee for the home cleaning task? What happens if we’re not happy with the home cleaning you provided?
Please contact your cleaner immediately if you have any concerns about the quality of the cleaning. They’ll guarantee to fix any problems on the next visit or you will get the next clean for free.

Visit Select Home Cleaning website or talk to their office executives or cleaning professionals on 0800 000 907 for clearing any queries or for obtaining an obligation free home cleaning quotation. 

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