Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Select Home Cleaning- 15 Minutes Summer Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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A clean and fresh smelling bathroom is a joy to all. It is vital for you to clean your bathroom on a regular basis to ensure there are no germs and bad odour. 

The following are some 15 minutes summer speed cleaning tips for your bathroom that will help you to keep it free from stains, and smelling fresh all day long:
  • Grab a garbage bag- Start your bathroom cleaning routine with a garbage bag. You can grab unwanted things and dump them in the bag. In fact, why only your bathroom, keeping garbage bags handy at the beginning of your home cleaning routine helps you take care of the trash for every room you clean!
  • Flush and rinse - Take bleach and good bathroom cleaning products available in the market. Apply them to the surfaces of your toilet, basin etc. Allow the cleaning agents to sit for some time. This will make them absorb the dirt and stains. Next take a bathroom brush and rub the surfaces. Flush and rinse well.
  • Get the shine- The last thing you want is that sparkling shine that catches your eye the moment you enter the bathroom. This shine can be achieved by taking water and vinegar in equal parts. You should take a micro-fibre towel and apply the solution onto it. Wipe away the drips of soap and toothpaste splatters on mirrors, countertops, sink etc. If you wish to impress your family members and guests, you can take this solution in a spray bottle and clean shower doors for the extra shine.                           
  • Collect the dirt- Now it is time for you to flip over the vinegar and water soaked cloth and clean the dusty toilet tank and other areas usually untouched. Once you are done, toss the dirty wipe into the garbage bag and move on.
  • Replace towels- Get the used towels off the rack and dump them into the laundry bag for washing. Replace them with fresh and dry towels.
  • Ready for exit- Now, you have the last job- the floor! Shake out the bath mat or rug. This will fluff it up and give it a vacuumed look. Before you make your exit, take a power towel and start wiping the corners of the bathroom where dust and hair collect. Your cleaning is complete- do not forget to take the garbage bag with you when you leave!
Thus, if you want to clean your bathroom this summer in 15 minutes, the above tips will work for you. However, if you are still very busy and do not have the energy or the inclination to clean the bathrooms, trust proficient house cleaners like Select Home Cleaning in New Zealand to do the job for you. Their cleaning professionals are trained, police checked and passionate about cleaning your home at reasonable prices. 

You can contact Select Home Cleaning via mail or phone with your requirements. They clean homes on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule depending upon your personal needs. For a no-obligation free quote, contact them any time on 0800 000 907 or visit Select Cleaning Website. Also watch this YouTube video to know more about home cleaning procedures.

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