Wednesday, 16 December 2015

5 Home Cleaning Tips When the Kids Are Around!

Summer is here and it is important for you to keep the house dry, neat and clean all the time. However, if you have kids at home, keeping your house premises free from mess can be a challenge. When the kids are out, the house is generally well kept and maintained. However, the opposite is true when they are constantly around playing here and there. Select Home Cleaning- a reputed and highly trusted house cleaning company in New Zealand gives you some easy cleaning tips on how you can engage your kids in summer house cleaning as a fun activity. In this way, you can effectively keep your precious home in order too!

Given below are 5 cleaning tips to keep your house neat and tidy when your kids are around:
  • Involve the whole family- When you are about to clean the house during the summer, you can involve your whole family in the activity. This fun idea will help you in a large manner to engage all the members of your family to at least clean something for five minutes. You can also delegate the house cleaning chores to kids like sweeping the floor, dusting the furniture, keeping things in place etc.
  • Keep outdoor messes out- Kids have the habit of going outdoors and collecting dirt. In order to avoid the dirt, mess and stains from coming inside your home, keep heavy duty mats outside. These mats will collect the dirt and keep it out of your home with success. If you have a pool and your kids love splashing around, get towels and place them at the entrance of rooms.
  • Clean clutter- When kids are in the house, clutter naturally increases. Some kids hardly put away their toys and leave dirty dishes and trash around. You can dedicate bins, shelves and trash cans only for your kids. They will love the idea of having their own “thing” and start using them at once. In case your kids forget these simple chores, begin a rule that your kids will not be allowed to step out of the home for fun activities till they complete their tasks!
  • Keep the bathroom dry- In summer, you will find that the weather is hot and humid. The body feels sticky and people including kids love to take more than routine showers. The result, the bathroom is always wet. It is important for you to keep the bathroom dry to prevent mildew and mould to grow and multiply quickly. You can address the issue by keeping windows and doors open. If you have fans in the bathroom, they should be switched on all the time. Tell your kids to check whether the doors or the windows are open from time to time. They will love the activity.
  • Cleaning items at hand- Last but not the least, it is important for you to keep cleaning items in hand. Kids should be taught on how to immediately clean up spills and stains in order to avoid damages to carpets and stone tiles. You can include them in the general cleaning up process too.

Thus, with these 5 simple summer cleanings tips with kids around by Select Home Cleaning experts, you successfully can get a sparkling neat home to be proud of!

For additional summer cleaning tips, please visit Select Cleaning website or talk to their friendly customer care service on 0800 000 907.

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