Friday, 11 September 2015

Easy Cleaning Tips from Your Favourite Professional Home Cleaner in New Zealand

Home cleaning is not an easy task and for managing it efficiently, a homemaker needs to be well aware of the right cleaning process. Home Cleaning process does not mean use of electric broom or vacuum cleaner or best available cleanser for bathroom and kitchen cleaning, etc., but it involves hard work and meticulous planning! Proper home cleaning is much more an extensive job, which needs expertise and real know-how to manage the entire chore safely and wisely, by applying cost efficient and hygienic methods.

A professional home cleaner performs the entire task with robotic efficiency by following certain rules and techniques that make the work attain perfection. Knowing some of the tricks you can also gain better command over the daily house cleaning chores. 

First study the entire home cleaning requirement
Comprehensive House cleaning involves lot many things - taking care of the entire upholstery, artworks, floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning, lighting-fixture cleaning, etc. Most interestingly, all these items demand different types of cleaning methods to maintain their sheen and shine. Before you start the cleaning mission, you need to map the entire process item-wise and accordingly plan to proceed with the entire home cleaning.

Get the cleaning products ready
Different types of cleaning products are used for cleaning different areas. A bathroom cleaner is different from a kitchen cleaner. A floor cleaner is not the same one used for cleaning artworks and glass decor items. So it’s wise to select the appropriate cleaning agents according to your cleaning requirement.  

Clean and arrange the toys first
You have lots of soft toys in your home and these are most cherished items of your little ones. So you cannot keep them in cupboards. Put these toys into a laundry bag and soak them in detergent. Squeeze them gently in cold water and then put them in the laundry bag into your washing machine’s dryer.

Clean the upholstery
Vacuum cleaner can extract dust from your upholstery but what if there are lots of pet hairs on the curtains? According to a specialized professional cleaner’s suggestion, you can use a squeegee to separate those clingy hairs from the fabric. You can use wet rubber gloves to get the hairs detangled from the curtain surface too. However to kill the dust mites, bacteria and harmful fungi from the upholstery and to remove stubborn stains, you’ll have to call professional home cleaners in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga and Hamilton.

Use white vinegar to clean the hard water stains
Hard water stain is a problem for your kitchen sink as well as the bathroom tiles and toilet sink. Use White vinegar for removal of the hard water stain especially from the faucets.
You can use the same ingredient to remove hard water plaques from the shower mouth. Put some while vinegar in a plastic bag and keep it tied in the shower mouth with a rubber band. Remove the bag from there after 30- minutes. It will look sparkling as a new one.

However, these are just a few tips; there is lot more items in your home, which you love to maintain and take care of to extend their service life. Proper home cleaning and maintaining it as a sparkling clean zone is a hard task indeed. It can be time consuming too. If you don’t have time and patience, it’s better to hire an expert and affordable house cleaning service such as the Select Home Cleaning in New Zealand and Australia. Your life will become much easier and hassle-free for sure!! Get your free quote now by dialling 0800 000 907.

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