Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Ceramic Sink Dos and Don’ts – Read Tips from Select Home Cleaning

Your kitchen needs to be cleaned daily to keep grease, germs and bacteria at bay. One of the main areas of oil, left-over food particles, grease and odour is your kitchen sink. If you delay cleaning your kitchen sink after a meal, the stench of the soiled dishes will fill your whole home. Select Home Cleaning- a trusted and reputed home cleaning company in New Zealand and Australia states that cleaning your kitchen sink after every meal is necessary. 

If you have a kitchen sink that is made of ceramic, the following are some dos and don’ts that have been laid down by the experts:
  • Always clean the sink daily with a soft cloth and hot soap-water. This method is better than heavy cleaning.
  • It is safe to clean your ceramic kitchen sink with micro-fibre cloth.
  • If you need to clean deposits of limestone, mix white vinegar and water in equal quantities. Make sure that you rinse the sink thoroughly after cleaning. Do not keep the vinegar left behind on the surface. You may use a toothbrush or a nylon scratchpad on stubborn areas. After you have cleaned the sink, allow it to dry completely. This will delay the future building up of limestone deposits.
  • After you have prepared food, always rinse the ceramic sink well.
  • When you have to pour boiling water into the sink, you should always turn on the cold water tap first. This will not harm the surface of the ceramic kitchen sink.

The following are the don’ts of ceramic kitchen sink cleaning. Each of them has a damaging effect on the kitchen sink:
  • Spray cleaners
  • Scouring pads, liquids and powders
  • Washing up bowls made of plastic. These bowls often scratch the glaze of the surface of the kitchen sink.
  • Diluted or neat bleach.
  • Drain cleaners that have high concentrates of sulphuric or hydrochloric acid
  • The cycling of very cold and hot substances inside the sink. Both the fast expansion and contraction will cause the surface of the kitchen sink to crack. 

Therefore, if you really care about the beauty and lifespan of your ceramic kitchen sink, ensure that you keep the above dos and don’ts in mind. Regular kitchen cleaning will keep germs and stench away. It is wise to call in professional house cleaners who will clean the entire kitchen for you at affordable rates in case you do not have the time or the inclination to do it yourself.

About Select Home Cleaning

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