Friday, 23 January 2015

Know the Importance of Floor Cleaning and the Role of Home Cleaning Professionals

A clean and spotless floor is not only pleasing to the eyes but important for health too, especially if small children are there in your home. A well-maintained and tidy floor gives a fresh look to an old house and keeps away harmful allergens and bacteria from the reach of the dwellers. Without proper routine maintenance, floors, particularly of kitchens and bathrooms, get easily stained, become dull and uneven, and eventually get faded. There are basically two means to clean your floor- either clean it yourself or get it cleaned by professionals. Select Home Cleaning is the leading company in the field of home cleaning, offering the best home cleaning services in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga and Hamilton.

Importance of Floor Cleaning
There is no doubt regarding the fact that a clean, well-maintained floor has innumerable benefits to offer. We have already discussed in the previous blog topics as to how home cleaning is beneficial to our health and general well-being. Dirty floors attract harmful bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms which cause illness and negative health conditions that might affect your entire household. Moreover, cleaning the floor in your home is as important as cleaning the exterior part of your home. After-all, your floor is a part of your investment. Wouldn’t it be prudent enough to protect your investment which might save you from far more expenses in the long run?

Floor Cleaning Tips
We all want our floors to look absolutely stunning so that it immediately grabs our guest’s undivided attention. How about some simple and quick floor cleaning tips that may give your floors exactly the look you want? Here are some of them:
  • Use pencil erasers to remove the black streak marks left behind by shoes. The streaks will be removed in no time.
  • Strong black marks which get imprinted on the floors by the shoe soles cannot be removed by simple mopping. If it is a vinyl floor, gently rub the surface with a moistened steel wool soap pad. Wipe the floor with a wet sponge once the mark is gone.
  • Tea is an excellent solution for removal of stain and dirt from floors and furniture.
  • If your ceramic tiles get dull due to water spots or soap scum, you can restore its brightness by scrubbing the floor with a mixture of vinegar, ammonia and borax in warm water. Later rinse properly with cool water and let it dry. The problem of wax build-up can also be solved using ammonia.

Why Should Floors Be Professionally Cleaned?
Now-a-days due to extremely busy schedules, people hardly devote time in regular floor cleaning. Lack of floor maintenance can permanently damage the floors and in turn our entire home without our immediate knowledge. Moreover different types of floors require different cleaning agents and procedures and handling it all by your own might actually backfire and cause you a lot of trouble. 

Home and floor cleaning professionals are better trained in different house cleaning methods and possess the best equipment that will make our floors sparkle in no time. Hiring their services once in every month is the best way you can protect your home and make it an object of envy for the others. For any matter related to floor cleaning, consult the Select Home Cleaning experts right now. 

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