Friday, 9 January 2015

Common Problems Arising in Home Cleaning and Their Solutions

We all try to give a rich and exquisite look to our dream house, adorn it with elegant furniture, modular kitchen and beautiful washrooms and embellish its decor in the best possible way. In fact we don’t compromise on cost when beautification of our homes is concerned. But, while concentrating too much on beautification, we often tend to overlook on the most important aspect regarding our homes, its cleanliness. 

Every other thing seems useless unless the house is taken care of properly and is cleaned regularly so that it not only looks beautiful but also remains sanitized. However, house cleaning is not as easy a procedure as it seems as several problems are encountered with during the process. 

In this article we shall learn about some common household cleaning problems and their solutions.
  • Stains in bathrooms- Stains in bathrooms are of mainly two types: coloured stain and rust stain. Coloured stains are created when porcelain fixtures develop cracks which trap the dye used for cleansing. To remove coloured stain, regularly brush the area with stiff brush and remove the residue away with water. Rust stains are created due to presence of iron in water and must be removed using rust remover. If the problem continues you can install an iron filter in the water supply system.
  • Sticky floors- Sticky surface is mainly the result of insufficient use of all-purpose cleaner or even wax build-up. To reduce the stickiness, increase the use of all-purpose cleaner. To remove wax build-up, use a wax remover or a solution of one cup ammonia and 1/4th cup powdered floor cleaner added to ½ gallon of water. Often, the shine on the floor disappears if the cleanser is not rinsed off carefully. To restore the shine, rinse off the floor thoroughly so that no trace of the cleanser remains.
  • Spots and streaks on window glasses- Spots occur on the exterior glass surfaces due to hard water mineral deposits. Spots may be removed by gently rubbing them by glass or multi-surface cleaner. Streaks and smudges on glasses are caused due to insufficient use of glass cleaner. Apply cleaner on the glass and gently wipe it with clean and dry cloth or low absorbency paper towel.
  • Sometimes, if cleaner is applied beyond the window glass, it gets trapped in the gap. To clean the gap, allow the cleanser to dry completely and then remove the powder residue with a soft brush.
  • Streaking or wax build-up on furniture- If insufficient amount of polish is used, soil continues to remain and cause streaking. In case of streaking, apply polish again and rub thoroughly using a soft clean cloth. Wax build-up can be avoided by restricting overuse of polish. But if it has already occurred, then resort to vigorous buffing using a clean cloth.

Difficulties relating to house cleaning may occur anytime and often without our notice. Though we can fix minor problems using simple tactics, major deterioration cannot be handled without professional help. Select Home Cleaning is the leading company in the field of home cleaning in New Zealand, offering the best home cleaning services in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga and Hamilton. For any difficulty relating to home cleaning, consult the Select Home Cleaning experts today itself. 

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