Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Kiwis’ Cleaning Habits, Hamilton Property News, the Meth Threat, and More

Here are some interesting facts about New Zealanders’ general home cleaning habits and the overall attitude to housework. 

A recent survey, which quizzed more than 500 Kiwis on their household cleaning habits, said over 45% actively avoid the task of cleaning the toilet, while 22 percent would rather have dinner with their in-laws than cleaning the loo.

It’s found that the Kiwis mostly spend up to four hours in a week doing household chores, and it is women who actually do more house cleaning work than men.

Majority of the respondents also hinted that they judge friends on the state of their toilet, and admitted that they would rather hold on than use a toilet they thought was dirty, even at friends’ houses.

With the previous generations, women used to spend about 2.6 times longer on housework than men, but things have changed in the modern era, the survey had revealed. Women (3.9 hours cleaning) now spend just 0.5 hours longer on cleaning chores than men (3.4 hours).

New Zealanders are very much conscious about cleanliness. Almost everybody surveyed agreed that they do a quick whip-around clean before guests arrived.

New Homes Planned in Hamilton East
Meanwhile, a recent news report said Housing New Zealand and Waikato-Tainui are working in partnership to deliver new homes in Hamilton East, redeveloping the Jebson Place site.  The building site also covers the area bordered by Old Farm Road, Cassidy Street and Dey Street.

"A lot of careful thought has been put into the design to ensure the new homes planned are attractive and a good fit with the neighbourhood. The partnership will also provide the right types of social housing properties needed in Hamilton and increase the city’s overall housing supply,” says Housing New Zealand’s General Manager Asset Development Patrick Dougherty.

Mr Dougherty further said that all the homes would be attractive, easy to maintain, fully carpeted and insulated, and filled with light. The homes would be located on landscaped sections with private outdoor living spaces.

While, Waikato-Tainui CEO Donna Flavell opined: "There will be a mix of properties – some affordable and some for the open market. It was always our intention to see the redevelopment create a vibrant and diverse community."

Meth Contamination Threat
Now, regarding the meth threat, environmental chemist Dr. Nick Kim, a Massey University scientist, advised people not to panic if their house tests positive for methamphetamine, as it is unlikely to do them any harm. A news report on 17 June by Radio NZ quoted Dr. Kim as saying that methamphetamine residue was a very low health risk and people were misinterpreting Ministry of Health guidelines on cleaning up houses where the drug, known as P, had been used.

However, if you don’t want to take risks, and have concerns about the meth contamination threat, you need to call a quality home cleaning service in your locality. Ensure that the cleaner uses standard practice to remove all traces of meth residue from the floors and walls of your house.

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