Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Minor Home Maintenance Tasks You Need to Do to Avoid Costly Repairs Later

If you give a little care, you can hear and see signs of potential problems your house gives out as and when some problem occurs. Attend to minor repairs then and there, and avoid the costly repairs later on. For example, serious water damage to your house can be avoided by finding out and repairing clogged gutters and drains, and water leaks anywhere in the house. Same way the life of your appliances and systems can be extended through timely maintenance.

Home Maintenance Checklist - Indoors
If you notice peeling of paints in a room wall, take it seriously. It may be caused by a steamy bathroom or a leaking gutter. If you’re not a technical kind of person, better to call a home cleaning or plumbing expert to check and rectify the problem.   

Does your house creak and groan at night? Creak and groan sounds can be heard as the whole house is cooling down and everything is quiet at night. These mild sounds caused due to temperature fluctuations and with changes in levels of humidity can be ignored. However, if a creaky floor is really disturbing, apply some talcum powder into the seams where hardwood floor boards rub together. The powder acts as lubricant and reduces the noise.

Flush out the water heater to remove all the sediment. Bleed radiators in the hot-water heating system (ensure that the water is not hot when you do it). Vacuum and clean refrigerator coils.

Check for any leaks in the kitchen and bath fixtures and cabinets. Do regrouting and recaulking shower and kitchen tiles in time to avoid water damage. The cracked grout lines on your kitchen counters also should be redone.  Change the washer of leaky water taps whenever you see it.

Outdoors Home Maintenance Tasks
Thoroughly clean the windows, balcony doors and the patio furniture, and seal them with weatherstripping.  Check the caulk on the outside window frame and replace seals and weatherstripping, if required. The patio and balcony furniture are to be stored during the harsh weather.

Check roof, chimney and around vents for leaks. Ensure that the vents are not blocked by pests.  There may be pests hiding in the chimney also, so clean it professionally. Also check for bricks and mortar falling apart inside the chimney.

Your patio can become a spreadsheet of stains and dirt! First declutter the area. Then remove weeds using a garden knife; you may also use weed killer sprays. Clean and reseal outdoor stone tiles at least once in a year, and for the timber surfaces apply sanding and recoating in every one and half years.  Use pressure washing if the patio is too dirty with stubborn stains. Remember to consult professionals because different cleaning solutions are to be used for stone and concrete patios.

Yard and garden cleanups: Prune and maintain trees and shrubs closer than 3 inches from your house. The garden tools are to be cleaned and stored during the winter period. You can prevent rusting of the tools by putting them in a bucket of sand.

Properly clean gutters and downpipes, removing leaves, twigs and dirt. Debris has to be removed before and after winter season. Leaks and backed up water from debris will cause corrosion, leading to costly repairs afterwards. Use a ladder in good condition to reach the roof and be very cautious of slippery roof while you go for cleaning or inspection.

How to Get Reliable Home Maintenance Professionals
You can take the services of local contractors to do outdoor cleaning. Select Home Cleaning Company can refer trustworthy, prescreened contractors in your area if you come within our home cleaning service areas in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga and Hamilton. Stay tuned to the Select Cleaning website for homeowners’ indoor and outdoor maintenance and cleaning guidelines. This will help you to keep your home in tip-top shape.

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