Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Easy Kitchen Cleaning Tips from Select Home Cleaning, NZ- Removing Kitchen Oil Stains at Home

When you are cooking in the kitchen, it is normal for you to have oil splatters here and there. It is important to address these stains immediately or else there will be a thick layer of oil or gunk impossible to remove without professional help. Prevention is better than cure but when you are cooking, it is obvious you will have oil splattering everywhere especially when you are frying or tossing cooking ingredients.

Now, if you take a good look at your kitchen, you will find the common oil splattered areas being kitchen cabinets, stove hoods, stove tops and the stove vent filter. You will find a nasty and stubborn coating of gunk on your kitchen and the effects of this grease is not only an eye-sore but it circulates throughout the air as well exposing you to foul smells.

The experts at professional home cleaning company in New Zealand, Select Home Cleaning, state that it is important for you to regularly remove kitchen oil stains for the health of your family and the good maintenance of your kitchen. If you cannot devote time to clean them, invest in an affordable house cleaning service in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga or Hamilton who will do it professionally for you. They have the right tools, cleaning agents and home cleaning experts to remove gunk and stubborn oil stains fast. This leaves your kitchen absolutely spick and span.

However, if you are cleaning the kitchen stain alone, ensure it is done every day. Please note that grease and oil stains cannot be cleaned with wet or dry paper towels. This is merely a waste of time. There are commercial home cleaning products in the market, however most of them fail to clean the gunk, especially if it is a combination of accumulated oil and dirt. There are ammonia based cleaners available in the market but they are not considered to be safe. Now, the question is- what are the steps for cleaning kitchen oil stains?

Read the following steps listed below for effective kitchen cleaning-
  • Take some mineral oil and soak a paper towel in it.
  • Wipe the greasy surface of the stove hood and top with the paper towel till the gunk film dissolves.
  • If the gunk is too stubborn add baking soda.
  • Take another paper towel and wipe the surface all over again to remove this excess oil. When you are cleaning the surface, you should leave a minimum layer of oil on the surface to make the task easy. Moreover, you will also be able to clean the surface better in your subsequent cleaning sessions.
  • Next add white vinegar and warm water together.
  • Soak a kitchen cloth in it. Wring it out and wipe the surface of the kitchen cabinet clean with this cloth. This will help in the removal of light kitchen oil stains.
  • In case you are dealing with stubborn stains, use vinegar directly on the spots.
  • For stove hoods, use baking soda and water. The water should be warm.

Thus, with the aid of the above expert tips from Select Home Cleaning, NZ, you can ensure the kitchen oil stains are gone in no time. However, if you do not have the inclination or are busy with work or holidays, you can call in professionals from Select Home Cleaning to do the job for you. Contact them today on 0800 000 907.

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