Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Daily Quick Clean Ideas for Your Living Room

When you are cleaning your living room, you do not have to spend the entire day de-cluttering the area. Having a clean living room will motivate you to invite guests more often and earn praises for the clean and tidy look. At the same time, you will be less inclined to trip over that stray pair of shoes lying in the middle of the room when you are in a rush to go to work.

Select Home Cleaning Services – a premium and award winning home cleaning service provider in New Zealand and Australia gives you some quick daily tips on how you can clean your living room and keep things organised. Let us take a look-
  • Keep things in the right place- There is a place for everything. Keep them there. The room will look tidy and you would know where to find them when you need them.
  • Do not keep old magazines and newspapers- Once you have flipped through the newspaper and magazines take them straight to the recycle bin. Do not stack them in a pile in the living room.
  • Keep your electronic media in one place- Ensure you keep your DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes and more in a single place. Create one place for them and keep them there after use.
  • Make use of storage baskets- Keep decorative baskets around the living room. There are your “friends” and ideal for keeping magazines, shoes, remote controls and more. Keep them strategically placed in the room so that they do not mess up the decor.
  • Keep your hat and shoes in one place- The minute you get home, do not kick off your shoes and keep them lying around! Take them and put them away in the shoe closet. Your living room will also be free from the dirt and grime you carry inside with them into the living room. After all you do not want your living room to be a breeding place for germs and bacteria do you?
  • Clean and vacuum once a week- It is important for you to keep your living room clean. This is why you should dust and vacuum the area at least once every week. Keep all the things where they belong. The room will look tidy and clean.

Thus, with these small home cleaning tips, you are able to quick clean your living room daily. However, if you do not have time to do daily or extensive cleaning even once every week, it is prudent for you to invest in professional home cleaners who will do the job for you at affordable rates...

About Select Home Cleaning

Select Home Cleaning is a reliable and affordable award winning home cleaning service in New Zealand providing services to Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga, Wellington and Hamilton. These friendly and police-checked house cleaning service experts are experienced and skilled in all kinds of home cleaning services for both residential and commercial premises. To know more about professional home cleaning packages for your residence or office, please visit Select Home Cleaning.

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