Thursday, 12 March 2015

Opt for Select Home Cleaning for a Shiny and Fresh Bathroom

Select Home Cleaning is a credible and trusted professional cleaning company in New Zealand. In addition to general house cleaning, customers call these professional house cleaners to disinfect and clean bathrooms thoroughly. The bathroom cleaning experts from Select Home Cleaning ensure that your bathroom is shiny and clean without any build-up of dirt or residue.

The Select Home Cleaning experts are trained in the latest cleaning processes and this is why you can rely on them for fast, efficient work. The professionals that come to your home have their backgrounds checked making them the ideal licensed and experienced bathroom cleaners for your home.  

How do Select Home Cleaning professionals work?

The bathroom cleaning experts from Select Home Cleaning will first come to inspect your home. They will explain to you the cleaning process and give you a pricing estimate. The nature of the work depends on the amount of dirt sediment you have in your bathroom. Once you have agreed on the budget, they will schedule a day for work. They ensure that your bathroom is disinfected and sanitised before they leave. The results of hiring them are a fresh, shiny and nice smelling bathroom.  The house cleaners will use the latest equipments to remove the dirt from every crevice of your bathroom.

Cleaning agents hard on dirt and bacteria, gentle on your bathroom...

The bathroom cleaners from Select Home Cleaning ensure that your bathroom is free from dirt and bacteria. The cleaning agents and concentrated solutions they use are harsh on germs but gentle on the tile surface and countertops of your bathroom. They also use effective marble and natural stone cleaning agents. They begin by cleaning rugs and removing excess dust and hair from floors. They clean the corners of the wall and remove the presence of cobwebs. They take care to keep clean pictures, shelves, blinds and baseboards.

These professional home cleaners will also work dedicatedly to clean your shower too. They will remove all the items and apply grout and tile cleaners to give you a shiny surface. The bath tub and surround of the shower will be wiped clean. The fixtures get new shine and the build-up of soap residue will also be removed.

House cleaning services on a budget - Make your bathroom mirrors shine

The mirrors of your bathroom demand special attention. The professional cleaners from Select Home Cleaning will clean, dry and make all the mirrors shine. They also work with mirrors that are decorated with tiles and chrome. Once the mirrors are cleaned, the floors are mopped and the trash is emptied. The house cleaning professionals from Select Home Cleaning take pride in their work. They are relied and trusted in the areas of Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Auckland and Tauranga.

Therefore, when you are looking for effective and affordable bathroom cleaning services in these regions, you should opt for Select Home Cleaning. The house cleaners deal with both commercial and residential bathrooms. The home cleaning services are affordable and this means you can opt for routine cleaning services from the Company depending on your individual needs. You can opt for daily, weekly or monthly routine cleaning projects with them.

To contact these expert home cleaning professionals and get a shiny and germ- free bathroom, please click Here. You may also call them on a toll free number: 0800 000 907 to discuss things and get a free quote.

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