Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Home Cleaning Procedures to Be Observed while You Have Pets at Home

All pet owners love their pets. However when it comes to cleaning homes, pets bring with them an extra burden. Our adorable flurry family members love to stain the place with muddy paws, fur, urine, stool and odours. The cleaning-up process takes a lot of time and patience. If you do it incorrectly, your pet will also create a fuss as it keeps going back to the odour even if you do not smell it.  In today’s world of hectic schedules and time constraints, it can be hard for you to properly clean the home. Pets will run around and repeatedly dirty the place again. It is here that you immediately need the professional services of affordable home cleaners with experience of properly cleaning homes with pets. These home cleaners are aware of the accurate cleaning procedures to make your home free from the dirt and dust of pets.

Lifting Pet Stains from Carpets- Cleaning Suggestions

Pet stains can be very stubborn. They have the ability to spoil your prized carpet.  In case, there are pet stains on your carpet, professional house cleaners will never rub the carpet but they would blot the area and dilute it with an active cleaning agent.  When these professional house cleaners are cleaning the beds of your pets, litter cages, boxes, tanks etc, they never use ammonia. Ammonia has a pungent smell and pets keep thinking the smell to be urine. They keep on coming back to the area. There are some trusted home cleaning products that have baking soda that neutralises the smell and keeps the place free from odour.  They are not only safe for your pet but for kids and elderly people as well.

Removing Pet Hair with Affordable House Cleaning Services

Spring is the season where your beloved pets will shed more hair as they get rid of their winter coat. You will discover large clumps of hair covering your furniture, clothes and carpet. For getting this hair out from your home, professional cleaners use rubber brushes called pet rakes. These brushes are specially designed to take out the hair from stubborn surfaces. For carpets, the cleaners use high quality vacuum cleaners with brush rolls or good beaters. Fast swipes with a roller and lint brush will also remove the pet hair from carpets and sofas. Professionals generally use vacuum cleaning machines that have HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air filters for making the area free from pet hair.

Choose Select Home Cleaning for Your Pets

Select Home Cleaning is a widely sought-after name in Australia and New Zealand. This affordable professional house cleaning company understands your additional requirements for home cleaning if you have pets. The teams of experts work with dedication to free your home from dirt and dust, and pet related harmful pests. Equipped with the latest cleaning materials and equipment, you can wipe out the slightest speck of dust particles from the sanctity of your home. Select Home Cleaning professionals serve the areas of Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Tauranga. To ensure a pet hair and stain-free home, you should contact Select Cleaning service today! Call them on 0800 000 907 to book your home cleaning service or to get a free quote.

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