Sunday, 15 June 2014

Must-Know Cleaning Tips for Every Household

Here are some important house cleaning tips you should keep in mind before venturing out to clean it all by yourself. These must-know facts will keep you safe, and also save you time and energy while doing a home cleaning task.

Cleaning Preparation
Before starting the house cleaning task, prepare all the cleaning materials, tools and accessories (clean rags, paper towels, rubbish bag for emptying wastebaskets, etc.) together in a cleaning trolley. This way you can save time and energy running around the house for taking right tools and other items during the cleaning process. 
Cleaning an entire house
Start cleaning from the top floor and move your way down. This will avoid passing through the area you have already cleaned.
Cleaning a room
First do the cleaning works around the ceiling area, for example, clean the fans, lights, cobwebs on the wall etc. Then clean windows and wall hangings; next work on furniture and lastly the floor. This method has the advantage that any dust shaken loose from high up does not settle on something you've already cleaned below. Same way clean the windows and mirrors from top to bottom as the cleaning liquid drips down carrying dirt from top to bottom.
General House Cleaning Tips
First do the dry cleaning methods such as dusting, sweeping and vacuuming, and then proceed to wet cleaning. This makes the job easy as most of the dust particles are removed which otherwise would have stuck to the wet surface. 
It’s much easier to clean up spills and stains as and when they happen rather than delaying it for another day. The spills slowly seep into the inner layers of carpets or stone surfaces and then set down permanently making it very difficult to remove later.
Good to get organised well and do the cleaning job in a time saving and wise way. It is advisable firstly to spray cleaning chemicals on the objects and then do another easy job while the cleaner fully soaks in to the surface. This way you get the area cleaned well without the need for heavy scrubbing.
Using Cleaning Products or Chemicals
Manufacturer’s instructions or tips for cleaning are to be strictly followed for everything from toasters to silk blouses and quilts to blinds. When you purchase a new appliance, rug or other household item, keep the cleaning procedures safely and refer to it for periodical cleaning.
Some cleaning liquids when sprayed directly on a computer screen or a framed artwork can cause damage. The liquid dripping into your electronics or cleaner soaking the mount of a painting can be harmful. It would be safe to spray the cleaning liquid on a cloth and then use it to clean the electronics items or framed photographs.
The chemical ingredients of all cleaning products are by large harmful to human being - it can affect the skin, eyes, lungs etc. So, if you are not taking the services of a professional cleaner, make sure that you have all the protective items before starting a house cleaning work. Use aprons, head scarf, rubber gloves and protective safety glasses while you attempt the house cleaning. Also ensure that the room you’re cleaning is properly ventilated.

House cleaning tasks are often boring and tedious, but we shouldn’t forget the great satisfaction that one gets from living in a clean home. The cleaning tips provided above will make your work safer and simpler.

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