Sunday, 17 February 2013

Getting along with your cleaner

They come, they clean and then they how should you be dealing with your cleaner? Over the years we have found that home cleaning customers sometimes struggle to get the relationship running smoothly so here are  a few ideas to think about

I guess the first thing to remember is that the cleaner is there to do a job for you so be prepared to give them feedback regularly....and then think about the following:
  1. Be professional - your relationship should be similar to one you would have with an employee. Treat the cleaner with the same respect you would someone in your work place. Try not to get too chatty or personal as this can get in the way of the cleaning work. Try not to be too bossy.
  2. Call them by their names - this is a normal courtesy.
  3. Try not to watch every move they make - a watched kettle never boils!  You know how things always go wrong when someone is watching.  Show them around your home when they start then try to keep out of their way.  If you are at home when the cleaners come(most people like to go out), try to keep out of their way and let them get on with it.
  4. Cleaning issues - if you think your cleaner is not doing the job properly or not to your liking tell them as quickly as possible - the longer you leave it the harder it becomes to resolve the issue.  If you are a SelectCleaning customer leave a friendly note in the communication book explaining how you would like things done. If you feel up to it see the cleaners before a clean and show them what you mean. This can be hard but it is worth trying - in my experience most cleaners we see now are migrants and they rely on your feedback. Equally, if they are doing a great job - let them know.  If you get to the stage where you do not think you can get them to do what you want then the advantage of using  a system like SelectCleaning is that you can always contact head office and ask for their help.
  5. Serious problems - never accuse your cleaner of a serious crime unless you have solid proof. I have seen many times in various businesses where a contractor has been blamed for stealing something only to find that someone else has moved the item.
  6. Recognise good service - if your cleaner is doing  a great job it is okay to give them a small gift or a bonus at Christmas. If your cleaner does something out of the ordinary thank them.
The key, I believe, to building a good working relationship with your cleaner is to be specific about what you want, be prepared to talk to the cleaner about any issues and to treat them with respect and courtesy.  Get this right and you will have every chance of having a long term cleaner dedicated to your service who understands what you want.

Good luck


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